Sustainable Management of Electronic Waste (e-Waste)

Note: This post was written by SEI staff member, Amy Cade.

  • Design for environment cleaner production, extended producer responsibility, standards and labeling, product stewardship, recycling and remanufacturing are some of the practices adopted by various countries around the world to deal with the e-waste stream. An overview of these practices is presented and the manner in which they contribute to the sustainable management of e-waste is discussed.

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BAN, ANAB Join Forces for Electronics Recycling Certification

The Basel Action Network (BAN) has joined forces with the ANSI-ASQ┬áNational Accreditation Board (ANAB) to launch the ANAB accreditation for the certifying bodies that will audit and certify BAN’s e-Stewards Certification program. Read the full BAN press release here.

The e-Stewards program is a third-party audited certification BANANABlogosprogram for electronics recyclers meeting the “highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.” According to the program web site, these standards include “no toxic e-waste dumped in landfills or incinerators, exported to developing countries, or sent to prison labor operations and no release of private data.”